Thursday, January 19, 2006

Get over it

Our position: The widespread use of Windermere's name is a compliment, not a problem.

January 19, 2006 Orlando Sentinel

So a Windermere official is so concerned about nearby enclaves horning in on the town's prestigious name that he inquired about getting a trademark to restrict its use.

Come on. People in Orange County lay claim to Orlando, but the city doesn't try to stop them.

Certainly, Windermere residents have much to be proud of with the town's sparkling lakes, quaint unpaved roads and soaring property values. That people down the road claim that they, too, live there takes nothing away.

It's wrong for real-estate agents to falsely claim an area is in Windermere just to make a buck, but misled buyers aren't the only ones complaining. Windermere residents are, and it smacks of elitism.Why not consider the name usage a compliment and just enjoy the flattery?