Monday, June 26, 2006

Four Corners Lack of Planning

The Four Corners is located in southwest Orlando at the intesection of Highway 27 and I-4, just minutes from Disney. This area is unusual as it is the corner of Polk, Osceola, Lake, and Orange counties and fast growing region with more than 80 developers building homes, but what is homes without a community which is what residents are complaining of. Becuase 4 government entities make up this area, there is no clear planning and collaboration amongst the governments. There are not enough schools built, roads are not consistent (wide in one county but not the other) one county has a library to share, no parks exist, water is a shortage where north Polk county residents can only water their lawn once a week, emergency services are set up by who can get there the fastest. Residents are angry the Public Services are not more cooperative. A study by Urban Land Institute indicated that government cooperation is neither widespread or encourage despite 5 million residents moving to Florida by 2020. Courtesy Orlando Sentinel 6/26/06.