Monday, June 19, 2006

Orlando Housing Market

Now is a great time for buyers to buy Orlando Real Estate compared to last year. With 18,000 properties on the market now, compared to 3,500 properties, buyers have more to choose from. Sellers are unwilling to lower their prices, lower than last years market, instead both sellers and builders are offering incentives or beefing up marketing on their home. But selling realtors advise sellers to drop their prices even if below thier expectations to move properties. Properties are staying on the market for twice as long as last year an average of 49 days, and negotiations are taking longer. The market has done a 360 turn compared to last year and moving to a buyers market. Median prices of homes are dropping in other areas such as South Florida, but Tampa and Orlando prices have remained stead, but prices did not rise degree as compared to other areas.