Thursday, June 29, 2006

Orlando Million Dollar Homes

Even though Orlando home inventory is at an all time high and turn over is slow, Orlando luxury home market remains brisk. A recent report from ORRA says homes priced over $ 1 million increased 270% over last 3 years. Real estate agents says they are having no trouble unloading homes and luxury builders say they cannot build fast enough. There for demand for luxury home industry experts say, people are cashing out of their northern homes before interest rates are too high, Orlando expanding job market relocating executives, and simply prices have just increased. Home priced over a million represent 3-4% of the Orlando market and are on the market an average of 60 days which is same average for a home in the state of Florida. A trend occuring in the luxury market is being seen outside of Metro Orlando. Luxury homes are now found in DeLand's Victoria Park located in Volusia County.