Tuesday, July 18, 2006

FHA Loans Moving into the 21st Century

FHA loans are government backed loans which are good for buyers with less than perfect credit and allow low down payment requirements, but they did not come without stringent requirements compared to conventional loans. As a result, these loans have negative appeal amongst real estate industry, because it almost requires a home to be in great condition and requires more work on behalf of the seller to bring the home up to FHA standards. FHA has taken several steps to move into the 21st century by making significant changes.
  • To keep up with increasing home prices, the new maximum amount allowed to borrow is up to $362,790 which was a $50,000 increase. There is another proposal to increase the amount to $417,000 in certain high cost areas.
  • Certain items on inspection reports were required to be fixed prior to closing even cosmetic issues. Now only structural or safety issues are require to be fixed.
  • Obtain a FHA 203k loan will allow the borrower to borrow up to $35,000 in repairs to be completed after the closing. Borrowers can now replace worn-out appliances and carpet without the need for a second more costly mortgage.

It is still wise for a buyer to try to obtain conventional mortgage if they can. Courtesy Orlando Sentinel 7/9/06.