Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Selling Your Home with St. Joseph Statue

More and more people are selling their home through a 200 year old tradition, by burying a St. Joseph statue. When sellers bury the statue in their yard, it brings appeal for sale of their home. St. Joseph was successful at moving to different places quickly between Nazareth to Bethlehem then permanently in Egypt. With real estate market coming off 5 year fast track resulting in slow down in sales, seller are putting their faith in St. Joseph. The tradition works like this. St. Joseph should be buried with the feet facing heaven, and the head of the statue facing the home. It should be placed in the backyard or near the for sale sign. When the house sells, the seller should go to the home near closing date, retrieve the statue and say a prayer of thanks. Consequently, more statue are selling like never before. Courtesy of Planet Realtor.