Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Seminole County to Raise Tax

Seminole County, Florida home to natural setting and part of metro Orlando is proposing to raise tax. This tax would be used to acquire 4,000 acres for conservation efforts. This tax would be an additional $.20 per $1000.00 of taxable property. On a home value at $200,000 with standard homestead expemption would incur an additional $35 per year. This would generate $70 million over 10 years with at least have going back into the land for maintenance and improvements. This land would have trails and allow camping for residents. Last year 80% of national voters voted for to raise money for conservation programs and in Florida 76% of voters did the same. In the past Seminole county has used similar money to purchase 6,000 acrese around Wekiva and Econlockhatchee rivers. Although, officials feel favorable voters would accept this increase, there is tremendous pressure ongoing in the future to develop these lands. This tax would expect to be implemented in year 2008. Courtesy of Orlando Sentinel 9/12/06.