Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Central Florida Residents Change Addresses

The US census indicates 60% of Central Florida Residents changed addresses since 2000. 460,000 residents moved into an apartment or home during the real estate boom. Home to work commutes exceed national averages in 26 minutes in Seminole County, 27.7 minutes in Lake County, and 31 minutes in Osceola County. One resident states he used to live in a condo in downtown Orlando with a 12 minute commute now traded to have 2,000 square feet in Winter Garden with a 30 minute commute. Real estate agents indicate buyers are willing to increase their commute for a bigger home if they have access to highways such as State Road 417 and 408. Buyers from New York and California are buying real estate in Ocoee and Winter Garden for half the cost with a larger home. Courtesy of Orlando Sentinel 10/3/06.