Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Orlando Arena Deal

Mayor Buddy Dyer and city commissioners have agreed to purchase a new location for the new Orlando Area and Entertainment complex for $35.5 million. This will be 9.4 acre site which runs south from the southwest corner of West Church Street and Hughey Avenue, and tucked in the corner of I-4 and East-West Expressway.

This is the largest project in Dyers career, which will encompass a new arena, performing arts center, and renovated citrus bowl with total project costing $1.04 billion. Dyer believes these venues will have an impact on the community not just 10 years, but for the next 50 years.

There is opposition to the project concerning not any public input, agreement with Orlando Magic, or sufficient information about the site. Courtesy of Orlando Sentinel 10/17/06.