Monday, November 06, 2006

Modular Homes Gaining Popularity

Modular home are becoming more popular choice people looking to build a home, which has been a small part of the residential market. Traditionally, these homes have been purchased in the north, because of the winter weather, and short growing season. These modular homes are built in doors in climate controlled conditions, with adequate labor, and with popular designs. Modular homes come with high ceilings, wood flooring, and granite counter tops to get a custom look. Once built they require small amount of labor to connect, so onsite building does not take months and months. The construction quality competes with traditional construction. For these reasons they are becoming more popular in the Southern US, such as Florida. A recent Orlando resident purchased a half duplex 3 bedroom and 2.5 bath with 1,400 sq. ft. for $338,000 including all the interior upgrades. Courtesy of Orlando Sentinel 11/6/06.