Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Winter Park Carlisle Project

lThe Carisle Project a multi use project located on the corner of New York and Morse has been under much controversy and project delay. This project originally approved, received opposition from residents, issues resulted back into mediation this past March, which halted any progress. Recently Mayor David Strong met with the developer in private meetings over the course of 2 weeks to iron out differences between the city and developer. It was annouced to city commissioners that changes have been worked out between the two, but it was not revealed what changes would occur. There will be a commissioner meeting on 11/27/06 to discuss the project. Prior to Strongs meeting with the developer were 3 options for the Carilse project. One being the city would be the land rights and swap land to the developer which would most likely result in a lawsuit. There will be more to come. Courtesy of Orlando Sentinel 11/14/06.