Monday, December 11, 2006

Orlampa a New City In Between

Orlampa a new city located off I-4 between the cities of Orlando and Tampa is a expected to be home to 240,000 residents in the next 25 years. The growth along I-4, an 85 mile stretch, connecting Tampa-Orlampa-Orlando is the countries next "mega-region". Orlampa located is located in Polk City where many rurals areas exist, and strawberry fields will be turned into subdivisions. The state has purchased 5,000 acres to turn into a state park, to preserve while much of the area will used to roads and homes. Many people are interested as this will provide more affordable real estate compared to living in Metro Orlando or Tampa, others that work in both cities are relieved they will be able to live in between, while others are looking for a slower pace away from a big city, but having good access. For more detailed information, please click the link:,0,5505254,print.story?coll=orl-home-headlines Courtesy of Orlando Sentinel 12/11/06.