Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Winter Park Carisle Park

The Carisle Project is projected condo, retail, and new post office location west of Central park covering a few acres, was approved by the city, then disapproved, and brought much controversy amongst Winter Park residents. Recently, Mayor of Winter Park has had private discussions with the Carisle developer to reach an agreement. It is proposed the Mayor would buy out the development project for $18 million. Financing this would be very strategic. The Mayor would contribute $100,000 from his own pocket and raise 1/3 more. In addition, the Winter Park Library would be sold for around $13 million and be moved to alternative location. Because the post office was part of the Carisle project it would have to bought for $5.5 million and the post office has verbally agreed and would be moved to west of Winter Park Village. The current location of the Carisle project will remain an extension of Central Park. The commissioners are scheduled to review this proposal next month. Local down town Winter Park residents are pleased with the compromise, and plan to contribute to the cause. Courtesy of Orlando Sentinel 12/19/06.