Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Need Help Purchasing a Home?

According to a rcent survey conducted by National Association of Realtor found over 75% percent of buyers used agent to make the purchase of their home. And 64% of buyers used a dedicated buyers agent. These were the listed benefits and what buyers said.
  • 55% of buyers said agents helped them understand the process
  • 40% said their agent pointed out unnoticed features or faults with the property
  • 37% indicated the agent improved their knowledge of the area
  • 36% said their agent negotiated better contract terms
  • 35% said agents helped shorten the process
  • 29% said their agents negotiated a better price
  • Other benefits included sorting out areas to buy, a better list of mortgage lenders, and area service providers

Home buyers prioritzed the most important aspects when using the assistance of a agent. 75% used only one agent during the process.

  1. Help buyers find the right home
  2. Negotiate the terms of sale
  3. Determine what comparable properties are selling for
  4. Help with price negotiations
  5. Help with how much they could afford
  6. Help with finding and arranging financing