Thursday, September 20, 2007

Status of Orlando Real Estate

We get alot of searching all over the world wanting to know what the market is doing in Orlando and value of properties. Not only are people relocating for different reasons everyday, Orlando has large international vacation market. Prices have stabilized, and there are more homes for sale than buyers. Pricing is expected to be flat for next 12 months. If you are a buyer it is great time to buy, with many choices, and better neogitable terms. Orlando has very strong ecomony due to tourism and relocation of corporations to the area bring more professional jobs.

Depsite slowing of sales builders are still building new construction, there are town home and condos being squeezed into small parcels of land in metro Orlando through out Central Florida from basic comfortable design to luxury standards. It is great time to buy new construction whether a condo or single family home, many builders are pricing homes lower than re-sales which is usually not the case, and providing great incentives to attract buyers. Many buyers would prefer newer than older, who wouldn't?