Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Are there any good deals in Orlando New Construction?

Well yes, sort of, maybe,…but not like there used to be.

Ok, please let me brag…I am a good negotiator…read about me, Eve Alexander in Kiplinger Magazine.

Actually, I am a great negotiator, but lately on the new construction, my skills have been stymied due to the lack of inventory homes to bargain about.

End of 2007, I negotiated some great deals…builders wanted the homes off their books…now, they are only building as they need it. There is no “extra stuff” priced for a fire sale. Builders are getting smarter; not only are they not building speculative homes, they are also building mostly town homes, not single-family homes. Why? So that they are more affordable, and they can fit 4 town homes on the same lot that would contain one single family home. The single family homes they are building are smaller square footage to make them more affordable.

So while they are still good buys, forget the deep discount on new construction…those days are gone. If you are considering buying new construction, please contact Buyers Broker of Florida.


P.S. See where are the best buys later this week.