Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Stay off the internet for financing…

Remember this:

1. Anyone can quote you anything and not live up to it.
2. Good Faith Estimates are subject to change.
3. If the deal sounds too wonderful…it really isn’t.

Buyer be aware…there are no miracles in financing. If your income is stable and you have great credit, you will get the best rates. If not, you will have to put more money down and pay a higher interest rate. There is no such thing as a real 1% interest rate, or no money down.


1. Use a lender in the state in which you are buying.
2. Use someone that was referred to you by someone you trust.
3. Stay off the internet for quotes…they always change once you apply.
4. Don’t feel obligated to a friend just because they got a license.

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