Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What Months are Best to Buy Orlando Real Estate?

November, December and January….trust me on that.

November starts the Holiday season, than the December Christmas Frenzy, followed by January when the guests have left, the spending and overeating is finished and now normal life is coming back into focus…

The last thing that is on anyone’s mind is buying a new home and that makes sellers nervous…it’s the end of the year, trading in the car looks good, the kids want Christmas presents, Tax expenses are calculated and the cost of holding a vacant house, or juggling two mortgages is now a bigger burden… particularly since homebuyers are scarce.

It is a great time to negotiate, it is a great time to negotiate, and it is a great time to negotiate…

Sellers will listen….new attitude and all.

ALSO, lets not forget the brand new homes sitting in the inventory that the New construction builders want to get “off the books” as a debt they are carrying. Excess inventory is costly and builders want to look their best for the year-end audits. Bargains there, too, if you bring your realtor with you.

So, if you want to house hunt while the listing price is really negotiable, call us.