Monday, January 18, 2010

No Handyman Doing Pool Repairs

Did you know to have pool repairs done in Florida the contract has to be licensed?

When building, renovating or repairing a swimming pool in Florida, homeowners must use a licensed contractor. It’s illegal to hire an unlicensed contractor, and a contract with one is not enforceable under law; that means owners have no legal recourse if they do not fulfill the agreement. In addition, unlicensed individuals may not be insured, with homeowners insurance forced to pay any work injuries.

Getting a pool license requires a background check, experience and/or education, and insurance. Certain core courses and a number of elective courses must be taken every two years to renew a license. If owners have a problem, they can file a complaint against the contractor’s license. A pool contractor’s license number can be checked at  Contractors are licensed in 3 different categories:  Commerical Pool/Spa, Residential Pool/Spa, and Swimming Pool/Spa.  If someone is certified as to service a pool, they also need to be licensed to make repairs.