Thursday, April 29, 2010

What is a Wind Mitigation Inspection?

What is a wind mitigation inspection? 
Wind mitigation inspection was a new concept for me until the State of Florida contributed $100,000 several years ago toward home owners to get a free Wind inspection.   It sounded like a good opportunity, so I scheduled it.  Once the inspector checked out my house and generated a wind mitgation report, I turned the report into my insurance agent.  Luckily it knocked $60 off my premium. Not bad for a free-bee.

Now wind mitigation inspection seems to come up with many insurance agents in an effort to save money on insurance.  Most insurance agents will build in wind mitigation credits into your quote based on few factors or assumptions.  But, if you want to keep those credits, or you want more credits, then you will need to pay for a wind mitigation inspection to document what exists.  The costs varies about $70-150.  Factors inspectors are looking for type of roof decking, roof bracing, wall construction, water protection, roof tie down or straps, or hurricane shutter or other items that make your house well-protected from wind.

Here's the catch, even if you have the wind mitigation inspection done, there is not guarantee from the inspector, insurance agent, or insurance carrier will even give you any credit or how much.  The State of Florida requires insurance company to provide a discount, your credit maybe small.  Many wind mitigation companies guarantee if insurance discounts are not produces they will give you a refund.   Talk to your insurance agent to determine if the age of the home and age of the roof makes sense to get it done.