Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Do you need to contest your 2010 property taxes? August is your month to file.

Do you need to contest your property 2010 taxes? August is your month to file.

With property values going up and down like a yo- yo in last few years, with different values for distressed homes and homes maintained by owners in traditional sales, its no wonder that property values vary greatly.  The county is operating with less staff to keep property values consistent across the board.  August is when notices are mailed to homeowners about their 2010 taxes.  If you feel your taxes are not going down like the rest of the neighborhood, as values have decreased, be sure to petition your property taxes to be reviewed with your respective Tax County Authority.

Case in point, we had a buyer purchase a home in which the last sale was $800,000 and taxes were about $8000, but the neighbor next door with larger home and pool was paying $3000 for property taxes.  This buyer is proceeding to contest her taxes especially when she paid $385,000 for the property and not $800,000.

We pointed this out to our buyer, make sure your real estate agent is dedicated to look out for your interests.  Need help with home buying? Contact Buyers Broker of Florida.