Wednesday, May 15, 2013

If you want to Buy an Orlando Home throw Comps out the Window

There are several factors that influence and determine the price of an Orlando home such as, neighborhood, specific location, size, condition of property and overall appeal.  In addition, comparables sold properties are used to set prices, appraise properties, and negotiate offers. In today's market when Orlando Homes prices go up each month and with lack documented sold data,  its difficult to establish an offer based on past numbers because there are very few to none. If you really want to buy a home you need to through comps out the window, and focus lightly on past sold prices, and weigh heavily on the features of the property.  There are situations where there are slam dunk documentation of sold properties, with fewer properties being sold on the market it can be difficult, you have to strategize differently if you really want to buy and still get a good deal.  At Buyers Broker of Florida, we have several strategies to get you the property you want at the best price.