Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Buying a Central Florida Home with a green pool?

Many Orlando Home Buyers ask their buyers agent what they should consider when looking a homes with green pools.  These are sometimes found in distressed properties, such short sales and bank foreclosures, in which no one is maintaining the property.  There is some risk to buying a home with a green pool.  You cannot see the bottom for cracks, or condition of the pool surface.  Plus an inspector cannot properly test out the pool equipment to see if the pool pump or pool heater even works.  If you cannot see the bottom of the pool because algae is too thick and tadpoles have taken residency, most likely you would need to have the pool drained and potentially acid washed. Once cleaned, the pool can be refilled with water and lots of pool chemicals added to get back to a beautiful aqua color.  The cost varies to degree of cleaning needed, but worst case scenario estimate $700-$1000.

Here's a picture of a short sale I showed this weekend priced at $500,000.