Wednesday, September 18, 2013

St. Cloud Builder Puts Neighbor Mail Box on Your Property

My buyer is excited...she is flying down from where she lives now to look at her newly constructed Central Florida home for the first time.  Its not entirely built but she is anxious to see it in the making.   She does not recognize the neighborhood as there were no homes built when she went to contract.  As she approaches the home she does notice the two homes built next to hers are near completion.  But wait...she notices something odd.  Her neighbors mail box is located in her yard!!  She immediately addresses it with the builder who says the US Post Office told her to put it there, as there was no room in the neighbors yard.  He told her there is nothing he can do because its an easement.  An easement is boundary around the perimeter of your home that allows government municipalities to have use over it.  You can locate your easements on your survey.  To make matters worse, her mail box would be located side-by-side.  So she took pictures and contacted the US Post Office.  And finally after sending these to all parties involved, the US Post Office is now going to move the neighbors mail box off her property.  This is very mind boggling this could happen, but very proud of her and others to have the common sense to put the neighbors mail box back on their property.