Thursday, October 31, 2013

Haunting Thought about Orlando Homes...

Yes its the eve of Halloween here in Orlando, Florida, and approximately 2600+ home buyers will close on a property this month.  Many times we talk with buyers about what they do not want in a home for example, no small yard, not backing to road, no crime areas, no zero lot lines, no carports, etc. But no one stipulates they do not want to buy a home that has been haunted!

Did you know in Florida that a seller is not required to disclose if a person has died in their home? Or how they died whether natural causes, suicide, or murder.  Appraisers indicate that a home where a murder occurs has a 25% reduction in market value. Whether you are concerned about the price of home or ghosts, you may not find out if the Orlando home you are purchasing is haunted.

There is help!  There is a website that helps potential home buyers (and renters) learn the history before purchasing their Orlando Home. 

Our Orlando home buyers benefit when they work with Buyers Broker of  Florida.  We disclose everything we may know about the property whether required or not required, giving our buyers always full disclosure.