Thursday, October 17, 2013

How do I know if my Orlando real estate agent represents me?

Unless the Orlando Real Estate agent puts this in writing, you can assume you are not being represented on your real estate transaction.  What that means if a problem arises, you will be on your own to determine how to fix it.  Most buyers do not even realize there is difference between Orlando Real Estate agents and representation is available to guide them through the hurdles of a real estate transaction, and keep all of their information confidential.  In the State of Florida, this type of real estate agent is consider a "single" agent. This means they singularly represent the buyer rather than both (buyer and seller) parties in a transaction.  The office I work for is considered a single agency office, in which our only specialty is to work with home buyers.  We have been doing it for so long, that naturally I think like a home buyer, but have the real estate skills to forecast, and avoid issues in a transaction.  Not always can you eliminate them, but I do know how to minimize them.   Not only do Exclusive Buyer Agents represent you, they assist in all aspects of the transaction to help make the best choices through out.   If you need the help of an exclusive buyers agent, please contact us by phone or email.