Tuesday, October 01, 2013

When building my new construction Central Florida Home, what inspections can I do?

Many buyers think that an independent home inspection is not allowed, unnecessary because its brand new, or county inspections are sufficient, right?  No, this is a misconception.  All new construction properties have items of adjustment, touch up and repair.  Many buyers think that when the builder does a "buyer orientation" when home is finished this constitutes a home inspection.  The buyer orientation is to show the new homeowers how-to-operate items in the home, not to look for hidden repairs.

Unless you have an independent inspection, items maybe hidden or covered up.  I have had 2 new construction properties with broken trusses, the buyer would have never known if they did not hire their own inspector.  I remember one inspector comments to a very crooked wall, it was "Miller Time", meaning the wall was finished quickly before closing time without precision workmanship. I just had a buyer conduct a pre-drywall inspection with about 30 items to be corrected to be consistent with building plans.   Although the county inspection is required at different construction phases, they sometimes do not have enough allotted time to conduct a thorough inspection.  

Although, the builder will correct obvious problems. They simply cannot watch over every minute each of the many tradesman working on your new home or several homes at the same time. So mistakes are inevitably. 

Even if the builders contract does not specify the process for your home inspection, all reputable builders will allow it. 

Here are the three main home inspections a buyer can do, in order of importance, when building a brand new Central Florida home, but not all have to be done.

Final Inspection:  This inspection is done when the entire property is built and conducted about 1 week before closing.  The inspector will be looking reviewing for functioning items, including major cosmetic touch ups, such as paint.  This is great time to ensure all your paid upgrades have been installed.  I have caught mistakes from wrong AC system to wrong pattern of tile. This inspection would be the most important.

Pre-Drywall or Frame Inspection:  This is an inspection of the plumbing, electrical, engineering/framing or inside of walls before drywall are installed.  The inspector will be making sure items are installed correctly based on the building plans. 

Slab Inspection:  This one is very first phases of building a home, and is viewing pipes and footing of the structure before the concrete is poured.  This one is most tricky to coordinate with builder and inpsector as it gets scheduled quickly.  This one is less critcal as the county has more time to inspect it and less involved.

Your Orlando buyers agent can help you with all aspects of building your new construction home even at inspections.