Thursday, July 06, 2006

Modular Home Becoming More Popular

An affordable home in Orange County, the home to the City of Orlando, is anything priced under $211,500. With the gap in wages from prices of homes people are looking at other affordable options such as Modular homes. Modular home have seen a 26% increase in sales since 1995. These homes are 80% built in the factory and come with all styles such as town homes and single family homes. With computer design the styles are updated and quality is better as workers are more specialized when building these homes. Other prebuilt homes include concrete, log, modular, and panelized homes. Art in Architecture and sponsorship by Orlando Regional Realtor Association are going to have modular 2000 sq. ft. townhomes built in Holden Heights area, selling for $175-195K. These profits will go back into the program to build more modular homes. These modular homes are most popular in Midwest and Northwest where building season is shorter. These homes can withstand wind gust of 120mph and some noted on the east coast of Florida are built to withstand 140mph winds. Courtesy of Orlando Sentinel 7/2/06.