Monday, July 10, 2006

Termite Contracts New Changes

Termites exist in Florida and all warmer climates and homes can become their feeding supply. There are two general types of termites subterranean or drywood, and there is an aggressive type to watch out for Formosan termites. When you buy a home it is recommended you obtain a termite inspection along with a comprehensive home inspection as part of the buying process. The termite inspector will look for evidence termites and other wood destroying organisms. Many home owners have termite bond (like termite insurance) and other spot treat when a problem arises. July marks the month the termite swarm, yes, they fly and are in the ground.

New rules for termite contracts effective 7/1/06. These rules make termite companies more accountable for their services to repairs.
  • Contracts must specify which type of contract is covered subterranean or drywood or both. Also contracts that do not cover Formosan termite must say so.
  • Treatment stickers on the home must specifiy if full treatment or spot treatment performed.
  • Companies must treat for termite no later than 90 days after evidence of infestation and 180 day for mulit unit - such as a condo.
  • Companies must also repair structure from termite damage if the company is aware of it.

Courtesy of Orlando Sentinel 7/7/06.