Tuesday, August 29, 2006

My Safe Florida Home Program Popular

My Safe Florida Home Program launched 11 days has had an overwhelming response. This program is designed to lessen hurricane damage and help homeowners get lower insurance rates. State of Florida has been the first state to offer such a program. The State of Florida launched free home inspections to home steaded residents to offering a report to make their home hurricane resistant. Certain homes owners could qualify for grants to get their homes repaired. 61,000 homeowners have applied, mostly in the Tampa area and South Florida. There is $250 million for grants up to $5k per home will be allocated to 50,000 residents over a three year period. Low income homes will receive the money outright. It is unclear whether there will be enough grant money to cover 61,000 applicants. Inspections are expected to be completed by mid-November. They will reevaluate the program if they run out of money. Courtesy of Planet Realtor.