Wednesday, August 30, 2006

New Florida Homes Built Studier

Builders in Florida increasingly are erecting homes with solid concrete walls and metal roofs. These dwellings are marketed as hurricane-proof, enabling borrowers to qualify for lower insurance premiums in some instances.

Florida Concrete and Products Association President Bob Sitter says concrete homes, as opposed to wood frame construction, account for more than 90 percent of Orlando's new housing stock. Most are comprised of concrete blocks, but Sitter notes that precast and foam-filled concrete structures also are gaining popularity.

Institute for Business Home Safety Vice President Tim Reinhold adds that some builders are exceeding building codes by reinforcing their concrete blocks. Magnolia Construction and Development Co. is among the builders participating in voluntary programs whose standards surpass local building codes

According to Magnolia Construction President Kevin Rohe, "We prove that a house doesn't have to look like a bunker to be storm-resistant and fire-resistant. They can look as nice, or better, than any other home." Courtesy Orlando Sentinel 8/29/06.