Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Nationwide Home Sales Decline

Nationwide July homes sales drop to the lowest level in 2.5 years, sign the market has softened. This latest statistics is weaker than economist predicted, which was sale to drop to 6.55 million. The median price of a home is up .9% to $230K. The inventory of unsold existing homes rose to 3.86 million which represents 7.3 months of back log homes on the market. This volume represents the largest inventory since the spring of 1993. Regionally sales dropped in teh Northeast by 5.4%, Midwest 5.9%, South 1.2%, and 6.4% in the West. Consumers have tighten their spending for homes due to rising mortgage rates and energy prices. The Federal Reserve is cautious about raising interest rates, but has to do so to keep hold off inflation. Home values are not going up as much now as double digit gains seen in past few years. With sellers feeling the pressure, prices are being reduced, buyers are getting better terms, and have more of a selection of homes. Courtesy Orlando Sentinel 8/23/06.