Thursday, August 24, 2006

Remaking of Orlando Burnham Picks Lake Nona

Burnham Instititue Medical Research annouced yesterday its plan to have a bio tech research facility in Lake Nona area located southeast Orlando. The research facility will part of Innovation Way a technological center expected to bring corporations and along with anticpated 37,000 homes by 2020 to this area. This is huge accomplishment in Orlando economy after Lockheed Martin and Disney called Orlando their home. UCF Medical School, VA Hospital, and University of Florida Research facility will be built within this corridor, bring many jobs to the area. Burnham choose Orlando or Port St. Lucie, because Orlando offered various lifestyles, public venues, arts, and sporting events. Burnham Institute and its scientist will granted $310 million in perks to bring them to the area, which in money from State and local government, human tissue donation from Orlando Regional Healthcare System worth $30 million, $500K house to visiting scientists, interest free loans for employees, country club memberships to recruit scientists, and TV commercials during Tavistock golf tournment. The institute will be completed within 2 years. Courtesy of Orlando Sentinel 8/24/06.