Thursday, August 31, 2006

Tips to Sell Your Orlando Condo

Orlando has been one of the busiest condo markets in the nation from newly built units to renovated condo conversions. With the soften market with slow sales and high volume of investors needing to sell, the amount of condos for sale are mounting. Selling condos are challenging when your competition has the same floor plan or same model. How to differientate yourself from other sellers. Here are some tips Mark Nash a real estate broker and author of "1001 Tips for Buying and Selling a Home".
  • Make sure the price is right: Do not overshoot the price if there are many units for sale and more condos available in immediate area.
  • Have more "brokers open": This is a time to gather broker for food and entertainment to get more showings.
  • Develop a "resource list": Materials or brochures of what is offered in the community to target a certain audience, whether shopping areas, day care centers etc.
  • Add glitz to the kitchen and bathrooms: Many condos have small galley style kitchen, consider spending a few thousand dollars to give it some pizzazz.
  • Consider incentives: Advertise giving away a TV or gift certificate.

Courtesy Planet Realtor 8/30/06.