Tuesday, November 21, 2006

State of Orlando Real Estate

Although Orlando homes sales have dropped 24% since last year, the median price of a home rose 5.3% to $259,900 and the average price of a home just topped $320,000 for the first time in October. With the large inventory of homes climbing to 21,134 sellers are getting desperate to sell, and new home construction are delivering lots of incentives which is putting competition on the resale market. With November and December historically slow months, experts believe the cooling of sales will occur for another year. Forclosures are expected to rise as adjustable interest rates increase. Local realtors indicate the value in Central Florida is strong and expected to rebound sooner that other areas of the country. Year to date sales of 23,581 for both Seminole and Orange County has been the second best year ever. Courtesy of Orlando Sentinel 11/18/06.