Thursday, March 15, 2007

Sanford's Redevelopment

Months ago the city commissioners and planner of Sanford committed themselves to redevelop Sanfords downtown district and attact more people in the area. Residential development has been spurring along Lake Monroe, an almost 10,000 acre lake. And the residential market is growing in downtown Sanford. On Monday packed room full of residents, developers, and city commissioners to discuss building height guidelines. The developer of recently built 63 unit condo complex along Gateway at Riverwalk, wanted to build a 12 story-110 feet condo building on the manmade pennisula of Sanford Marina. The comprise was to lower the building height to 90 feet, which is about 9 stories high, and revisit and toughen building guidelines in another meeting. Other projects along Lake Monroe include an additional 174 condos and townhomes. Courtesy Orlando Sentinel 3/13/07.