Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Real Estate Contracts Going Paperless

Real Estate Contracts Going Paperless is somewhat mind boggling when you think about it because it becomes legally binding when signing with a digital signature, in just a click of a mouse.  First there was faxing, next email, now digital signature is making its mark in the Real Estate world.  Paperless is very good thing for the real estate transaction because its quick and easy to complete, the quality of readbility no longer decreases by multiple faxes, and you save the environment by not using paper.  Despite, its many benefits not everyone allows digital signed contracts, I just ran into a bank foreclosure that wanted physically signatures.  FHA lenders however, will allow digitally electronically signed contracts, at least the government is looking ahead with allow this up and coming technology.  Submitting offers is easy when using Buyers Broker of Florida, all you need is access to an email address to sign in the designated areas.  If you want to have a paperless real estate transaction contact Buyers Broker of Florida.