Wednesday, June 02, 2010

April Orlando Real Estate Statistics

April Orlando Real Estate Stastics:  Orlando Regional Realtor Association shows that new contracts are increasing each month and highest in last 12 months a signs are market is stabilizing.  We have many buyers think that there are significant discounts of listing prices, which those days are gone.  Many times properties are so well priced it generates multiple offers, and often selling for over asking prices.  Due to the economic woes in Europe, the mortgage rates are at an all time low.  We just had a buyer close on a property with an interest rate of 3.5% ARM.   If you are considering making a purchase 2010 is the time to buy, as median prices of homes are slowly inching up.
  • Average Mortgage Rate:  5.12%
  • Inventory:  15,766
  • New listings:   5,116
  • New Contracts:  5,221
  • Under Contract:  10,832
  • Back on Market:  1,331
  • Expired:  579
  • Withdrawn: 1,540
  • Sales Closed:  2,461
  • Average Days on Market:  81