Monday, May 21, 2012

Winter Park Initiative; Less Issues with Power Outages

With brick lined streets, and gorgeous canopy of trees, Winter Park Homes are most desirable places to live in Orlando.  Winter Park is undertaking at $70 million project to bury power lines, to enhance the neighborhood and reduce power outages during storms.  If you live in Winter Park during the 2004 hurricanes, you know living without electricity is no fun!  This project will be fully funded by utility proceeds so it will take longer, an anticipated 17 years or by 2029.  Residents do have the option to speed up process in the neighborhood by paying into the "plug it in" program. 

There are 153 Homes in Winter Park 32789 zip code with pricing from $6,995,000 to $62,000.  If you would like to live in Winter Park, just contact us for more information.